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FireMonkey leverages the graphics processing unit (GPU) in modern desktop and mobile devices to create visually engaging applications on multiple platforms, targeting the entire range from the personal to the enterprise.


FireMonkey topics include:

Major Features of FireMonkey

  • Cross-platform abstraction layer for OS features like windows, menus, timers, and dialog boxes
  • 2D and 3D graphics
  • Powerful vector engine (like Adobe Flash or Microsoft WPF)
  • Fast real-time anti-aliased vector graphics; resolution independent, with alpha blending and gradients
  • WYSIWYG designer and property editors
  • Advanced GUI engine - window, button, textbox, numberbox, memo, anglebox, list box, and more
  • Advanced skinning engine based on vector graphics styles with sample style themes
  • Shape primitives for 2D graphics along with a built-in set of brushes, pens, geometries, and transforms
  • Advanced animations calculated in background thread; easy to use and accurate, with minimal CPU usage and automatic frame rate correction
  • Bitmap effects rendered in software, including drop shadows and blurring
  • Flexible layouts and compositing of shapes and other controls
  • Layered forms, Unicode-enabled
  • JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and GIF format read/write support
  • Multi-language engine, editor and examples

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