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After you set up your EMS Developer Server and run it, the EMS Server Window starts automatically.

The EMS Server Window allows you to manage the EMS Server, log and display useful information such as registered resources, requests to the EMS Server, etc. You can also start and stop the EMS Server, or change the default connection port.


Item Description


Click the Start button to run the EMS server.


Click the Stop button to stop the running EMS server.

Open Browser

Click the Open Browser button to open the EMS server on the default browser.

Open Console

Click the Open Console button to open the EMS Console Server Window.


Enter the port number to access the EMS Server using http.


This pane shows the EMS Server messages (such as registered resources, requests, etc.).

Enable logging

Enable logging displays the EMS Server messages in the Log pane of the window.


Click the Clear button to clean all the EMS Server messages in the Log pane.

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