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The EMS Server provides functions and services for EMS client applications.

The EMS Server manages the EMS database and allows you to:

  • Access the information stored in this EMS database (such as registered Users, Groups and Version) by calling the built-in REST API of the EMS Server.
  • Extend the functionality of the EMS Server by registering new EMS Resources.
  • Access the information of the EMS Server from an EMS Client application by making calls to the REST API.
  • Upgrade your EMS Database and backup your EMS configuration settings.

Main Characteristics

  • The EMS Server is the REST API server and manages the EMS Database.
  • The EMS database data can be accessed through the REST API Server that is exposed.
    • Built-in REST API. The stored activity of the devices and users of your application, and the analytics information can be accessed by making calls to this API.
    • Custom REST API. The EMS Server functionality can be extended by adding new EMS Packages to it. The EMS Server registers new EMS Resources from these EMS Packages.

Accessing the EMS Server from the Browser

You can access the EMS Server by using your regular browser.


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