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The EMS Server includes a REST API Server, remote database access, and tracking the usage of your application. The EMS Server stores in the EMS Database information about the activity of the Users, Groups of Users, EMS Installations (registered devices), and the EMS Push Notifications sent to the registered devices.

The EMS Server also creates basic analytics with the stored information.

All the EMS database data can be accessed by the EMS Client applications by making use of the Administrative Built-in API, that is already registered in the EMS Server.

The Administrative built-in API of the EMS server has the following EMS resources:

Resource Description


Information about the registered users in the EMS database.


Information about the groups of registered users.


Information about the current version of EMS.


Information about the registered devices (where an EMS Client Application is installed).


Information about push notification messages sent to the registered devices.

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