Activating Different Modes of Viewing the Inheritance Hierarchy in the Class Explorer

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The Class Viewer pane of the Object Pascal Class Explorer can display three different types of the tree showing the hierarchical structure of classes and interfaces:

  1. Derived to Base
  2. Base to Derived
  3. Container

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These tree types are controlled by the Class Viewer modes.

To select one of the Class Viewer's modes:

  1. Activate the Object Pascal Class Explorer window by choosing View > Class Explorer.
  2. In the Object Pascal Class Explorer toolbar, click the arrow of the Derived to Base combo box. The drop-down list contains the following options: Derived to Base, Base to Derived, Container.
  3. Select one of the options in this drop-down list. These options define the mode in which the Class Viewer pane displays the classes' and interfaces' inheritance structure.

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