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Object Pascal

function GetDataInfo(const ValueName: string; var Value: TRegDataInfo): Boolean;


bool __fastcall GetDataInfo(const System::UnicodeString ValueName, TRegDataInfo &Value);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
System.Win.Registry TRegistry


Returns information about a specified data value associated with the current key.

Call GetDataInfo to get information about a data value associated with the current key. ValueName is a string containing the name of the data value to query. Value is a TRegDataInfo value in which information about the data value is returned. If the data value is of type rdString or rdExpandString, the size of the data value includes an extra byte for the terminating null character.

GetDataInfo returns true if data value information is returned. If GetDataInfo fails, it returns false, and the Value record is filled with zeros.

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