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Object Pascal

procedure Val(S: String; var V; var Code: Integer);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
procedure public System.pas System System


Converts a string that represents an integer (decimal or hex notation) into a number.

In Object Pascal code, Val converts the string value S to its numeric representation, as if it were read from a text file with Read. Both 0$1234 and 0x1234 are the hexadecimal notations supported.

S is a string-type expression; it must be a sequence of characters that form a signed real number.

V is an integer-type or real-type variable. If V is an integer-type variable, S must form a whole number.

Code is a variable of type Integer.

If the string is invalid, the index of the offending character is stored in Code; otherwise, Code is set to zero. For a null-terminated string, the error position returned in Code is one larger than the actual zero-based index of the character in error.

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