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Object Pascal

function GetOrdProp(Instance: TObject; const PropName: string): NativeInt;
function GetOrdProp(Instance: TObject; PropInfo: PPropInfo): NativeInt;


extern DELPHI_PACKAGE NativeInt __fastcall GetOrdProp(System::TObject* Instance, const System::UnicodeString PropName)/* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
System.TypInfo System.TypInfo


Returns the value of a component property that is an ordinal type or a class type.

GetOrdProp utilizes Object Pascal's RTTI (Run Time Type Information) to return the current value of a component's property. The property should be of an ordinal type like Integer, Char, and WideChar, or a class type.

In one form of this function, the object Instance's property is defined by a PropInfo record. GetPropInfo and GetPropList can be used to obtain such a record.

In the other form of this function, the name of the property, PropName, is explicitly given.

In both forms of the function, the current value of the property is returned as a NativeInt integer value.

The intrinsic value of this function is to allow retrieval of component properties without the need to hard-code the property name. This allows mass visual component processing at run time.

Use GetPropValue to retrieve a property value where the type is unknown--it is returned in a Variant type.

Note: If the specified property does not exist, or is not a published property, an EPropertyError exception is thrown.

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