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Object Pascal

TTetheringAdapter = class


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION DECLSPEC_DRTTI TTetheringAdapter : public System::TObject


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
System.Tether.Manager System.Tether.Manager


Base class for tethering adapters.

An adapter is an object that is associated with a manager. A manager can have one or more adapters (TTetheringManager.Adapters), but an adapter can only belong to one manager (TTetheringAdapter.Manager).

A manager uses its adapters to find remote managers and to pair with those remote managers. Adapters also provide the protocols of the manager with objects that the protocols can use to transfer data between two managers (see GetClientPeer and GetServerPeer).

Managers automatically create instances of globally-registered adapters that they can use. You do not need to create instances of adapters manually. You usually do not interact with the adapters of a manager directly either, as you can access the most part of the functionality of an adapter using members from the manager class.

Currently, the following implementations of TTetheringAdapter exist:

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