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Main unit of the app tethering feature that provides the TTetheringManager class and the base classes TTetheringProfile, TTetheringAdapter and TTetheringProtocol, as well as related classes. Template:UnitInfo


ETetheringExceptionException that may be raised while you are using tethering features.
TTetheringAdapterBase class for tethering adapters.
TTetheringAdapterClassClass reference of TTetheringAdapter.
TTetheringAdaptersClass of static methods that keeps track of adapter classes that managers can use.
TTetheringConnectionInformation required to establish a protocol connection.
TTetheringCustomStorageBase class for persisting the pairing data of a manager between sessions.
TTetheringManagerA manager can discover and pair to remote managers that provide remote profiles that can share data with the registered profiles of your manager.
TTetheringManagerCommunicationThreadBase class for separate threads of execution that adapters use for asynchronous connections to each other.
TTetheringManagerInfoListList of instances of TTetheringManagerInfo.
TTetheringProfileBase class for app tethering profiles.
TTetheringProfileClassClass reference of TTetheringProfile.
TTetheringProfileInfoListList of remote profiles.
TTetheringProfilesKeeps a list of supported profile types, as well as lists of adapter types and protocol types supported by each type of profile, and lets you create instances of profiles given a type.
TTetheringProtocolBase class for tethering protocols.
TTetheringProtocolClassClass reference of TTetheringProtocol.
TTetheringProtocolsKeeps a list of protocol types and the protocol classes associated with them, and allows you to create an instance of a protocol class given its protocol type.


_dt_System_Tether_Manager_1Dynamic array of bytes for C++ applications.
_dt_System_Tether_Manager_2Dynamic array of tethering commands for C++ applications.
TStreamReceivedEventType of event handler for the TTetheringProfile.OnStreamReceived event.
TStringReceivedEventType of event handler for the TTetheringProfile.OnStringReceived event.
TTetheringAdapterTypeString that uniquely identifies a type of adapter.
TTetheringAdapterTypesArray of adapter types.
TTetheringAllowedConnectionData required to establish a connection to a remote profile.
TTetheringAllowedConnectionsList of connections to remote profiles.
TTetheringCommandRecord that represents a command that one application can send to another application using app tethering.
TTetheringCommandsArray of commands.
TTetheringCommandTypeEnumerated type that defines the type of an app tethering command.
TTetheringDisconnectEventType of event handler for the TTetheringProfile.OnDisconnect event.
TTetheringEndManagersDiscoveryEventType of event handler for the TTetheringManager.OnEndManagersDiscovery event.
TTetheringEndProfilesDiscoveryEventType of event handler for the TTetheringManager.OnEndProfilesDiscovery event.
TTetheringErrorAuthEventType of event handler for authentication error events.
TTetheringManagerCommandA record that manages and processes tethering manager command information.
TTetheringManagerInfoRecord that provides information about a remote manager.
TTetheringManagerPairedEventType of event handler for successful pairing events.
TTetheringNewManagerEventType of event handler for the TTetheringManager.OnNewManager event.
TTetheringOnRequestStorageType of event handler for the TTetheringManager.OnRequestStorage event.
TTetheringParamA string type used for parameters of tethering commands.
TTetheringParamsAn array of parameters of a tethering command.
TTetheringProfileInfoRecord that provides information about a remote profile.
TTetheringProfileTypeString that uniquely identifies a type of profile.
TTetheringProfileTypesArray of profile types.
TTetheringProtocolAdapterTypeCombination of a protocol type and an adapter type.
TTetheringProtocolAdapterTypesList of combinations of a protocol type and an adapter type.
TTetheringProtocolTypeString that uniquely identifies a type of protocol.
TTetheringProtocolTypesArray of protocol types.
TTetheringRemoteManagerShutdownEventType of event handler for the TTetheringManager.OnRemoteManagerShutdown event.
TTetheringRequestManagerPasswordEventType of event handler for the TTetheringManager.OnRequestManagerPassword event.
TTetheringTargetHostA string type that represents a target host address.
TTetheringTargetHostsAn array of TTetheringTargetHost.
TTetheringUnPairManagerEventType of event handler for the TTetheringManager.OnUnPairManager event.