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Object Pascal

function GetInterface(const IID: TGUID; out Obj): Boolean;


bool __fastcall GetInterface(const GUID &IID, /* out */ void *Obj);
bool __fastcall GetInterface(DelphiInterface<T>& smartIntf)


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
System TObject


Retrieves a specified interface.

GetInterface retrieves the interface designated by a GUID or type name. The basic implementation of GetInterface uses the GUID specified in the IID parameter. If the specified interface is supported by the class, it is returned in the Obj parameter, and GetInterface has a return value of True. Otherwise, Obj contains nil (Object Pascal) or NULL (C++), and GetInterface returns False.

Note: In Object Pascal code, IID can be an interface name. The compiler automatically translates this name into the corresponding GUID.

Note: In C++ code, use the templated version of GetInterface to obtain an interface from a DelphiInterface object.

GetInterface is equivalent to the as operator (Object Pascal) and dynamic casts (C++), except that GetInterface does not raise an exception if the interface is not supported.

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