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Object Pascal

  TMarshaller = record
  private type
    PDisposeRec = ^TDisposeRec;
    TDisposeProc = procedure(Args: PDisposeRec);
    TDisposeRec = record
      Proc: TDisposeProc;
      Obj: TObject;
      Arg1: NativeInt;
      Arg2: NativeInt;
    IDisposer = interface
      procedure AddDispose(Rec: TDisposeRec);
      procedure RemoveDispose(Rec: TDisposeRec);
      procedure Flush;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
record public System.SysUtils.pas System.SysUtils System.SysUtils


TMarshaller is a record that facilitates working with memory buffers.

TMarshaller is a high-level API for marshalling arguments. It disposes of itself, and when disposed of, frees any buffers allocated for copying arguments.

TMarshaller introduces many functions and procedures to:

  • Allocate memory buffers.
  • Release memory buffers.
  • Access strings through wrapped pointers.

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