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Object Pascal

procedure SetTextBuf(var F: Text; var Buf; [ Size: Integer]); overload;
procedure SetTextBuf(var F: Text; var Buf; [ Size: Integer]); overload;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
procedure public System.pas System System


Assigns an I/O buffer to a text file.

In Object Pascal code, SetTextBuf changes the text file F to use the buffer specified by Buf instead of F's internal buffer. F is a text file variable, Buf is any variable, and Size is an optional expression.

Each Text file variable has an internal 128-byte buffer that buffers Read and Write operations. This buffer is adequate for most operations. However, heavily I/O-bound programs benefit from a larger buffer to reduce disk head movement and file system overhead.

Size specifies the size of the buffer, in bytes. If Size is omitted, SizeOf(Buf) is assumed. The new buffer remains in effect until F is next passed to AssignFile.

SetTextBuf can be called immediately after Reset, Rewrite, and Append, but never apply it to an open file.

When SetTextBuf is called on an open file once I/O operations have taken place, data could be lost because of the change of buffer.

The Object Pascal runtime library does not ensure that the buffer exists for the entire duration of I/O operations on the file. A common error is to install a local variable as a buffer, then use the file outside the procedure that declared the buffer.

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