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Object Pascal

property LocationChange: TLocationChangeType read FLocationChange write SetLocationChange;


__property TLocationChangeType LocationChange = {read=FLocationChange, write=SetLocationChange, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
System.Sensors TCustomLocationSensor


Magnitude of a location change that makes the location sensor trigger location data updates.

Note: You cannot change this value at run time. Any attempt raises an ESensorExceptionClass exception.

A location sensor can monitor location changes and trigger OnLocationChanged whenever there is a location change. You can use LocationChange to specify how significant the location change must be to trigger OnLocationChanged.

Valid values are:

If you choose TLocationChangeType.lctSmall, you may use the Distance property to specify how small a location change may be before it triggers the OnLocationChanged event.

Platform Support

This property is only supported on iOS and Windows.

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