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Object Pascal

property Distance: TLocationDistance read GetDistance write SetDistance;


__property double Distance = {read=GetDistance, write=SetDistance};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
System.Sensors TCustomLocationSensor


Minimum distance that the location sensor requires to trigger a location data update.

A location sensor can monitor location changes and trigger OnLocationChanged whenever there is a location change. If you set LocationChange to TLocationChangeType.lctSmall indicating that significant location changes are not required to trigger the OnLocationChanged event, you may use Distance to specify the horizontal distance in meters from the current location to the last reported location that is enough to trigger OnLocationChanged.

For example, if Distance is 2.5, after an occurrence of OnLocationChanged at one location, A, OnLocationChanged is not triggered again until the device running your application moves two and a half meters (or more) away from A.

Platform Support

This property is only supported on iOS and Mac OS X.

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