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Object Pascal

property Accuracy: TLocationAccuracy read GetAccuracy write SetAccuracy;


__property double Accuracy = {read=GetAccuracy, write=SetAccuracy};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
System.Sensors TCustomLocationSensor


Level of precision (in meters) of the geographic location data provided by the location sensor.

The device running your application cannot be more than the specified number of meters away from the geographic location reported by the location sensor.

You can change this value to specify your desired accuracy in meters. Sensors do their best to achieve the requested accuracy, but the actual accuracy is not guaranteed. You should specify the lowest accuracy that works for your application; the higher the accuracy, the more time and power that the sensor requires to determine the location.

If the accuracy is unknown or unsupported, its value is NaN.

Platform Support

This property is only supported on iOS and Mac OS X.

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