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A sensor measures a physical quantity and converts it into a signal that can be read by an application. System.Sensors.Components provides your applications with components that let you obtain information from many different types of hardware sensors. Template:UnitInfo


EGettingSensorException class for sensor accessing.
TBiometricSensorTBiometricSensor is a wrapper for TCustomBiometricSensor.
TElectricalSensorTElectricalSensor is a wrapper for TCustomElectricalSensor.
TEnvironmentalSensorWrapper for TCustomEnvironmentalSensor.
TLightSensorWrapper for TCustomLightSensor.
TLocationSensorTLocationSensor is a wrapper for TCustomLocationSensor.
TMechanicalSensorWrapper for TCustomMechanicalSensor.
TMotionSensorWrapper for TCustomMotionSensor.
TOrientationSensorWrapper for TCustomOrientationSensor.
TScannerSensorWrapper for TCustomScannerSensor.
TSensorDefines basic functionality for sensor components.


TOnSensorChoosingTOnSensorChoosing is used for events that provide a list of sensors and expect an index of a selected sensor.