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Object Pascal

JITEnable: Byte platform = 0;        { 1 to call UnhandledExceptionFilter if the exception


extern DELPHI_PACKAGE Byte JITEnable;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
variable public
System System


Controls when the just-in-time debugger is called.

Use JITEnable to indicate what types of exceptions trigger the just-in-time debugger. JITEnable only has an effect on applications that run under Windows.

When JITEnable is 0 (the default), all exceptions are handled using the application's exception handling mechanism. The just-in-time debugger is only called if the application provides no mechanism to catch exceptions. Note that any application that includes the Forms unit provides exception handling (through the Application object) for all but the initialization and finalization sections in Object Pascal units and does not trigger the just-in-time debugger.

When JITEnable is 1, any non-native exceptions (exceptions raised by code that was compiled using other products) trigger the just-in-time debugger. Native exceptions are handled by the application's exception handling mechanism.

When JITEnable is greater than 1, all exceptions trigger the just-in-time debugger.

Note: When you install the IDE, it is registered as the just-in-time debugger. If you install other tools with debuggers, they may register themselves, overriding the registration of the IDE.

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