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EHelpSystemExceptionEHelpSystemException is the class for errors raised by the RTL Help System.
ICustomHelpViewerHelp Viewer that provides access to the Help System. Its methods display a table of contents and Help topics specified by keywords.
IExtendedHelpViewerThe Help Viewer provides methods to display Help topics specified by numeric context identifiers and by topic names.
IExtendedHelpViewer2Help Viewer with ability to open Index and Search panes, as well as open Topics with Anchors.
IFilteredHelpViewerHelp Viewer with ability to Set and Get help filters.
IHelpManagerIHelpManager provides access to the Help System for a Help Viewer.
IHelpSelectorInterface for Help Selector object.
IHelpSelector2Interface that extends IHelpSelector.
IHelpSystemApplication Help System that supports multiple Help Viewers.
IHelpSystem2Application Help System that supports multiple Help Viewers.
IHelpSystem3Application Help System that supports multiple Help Viewers.
IHelpSystemFlagsInterface for setting a default topic.
ISpecialWinHelpViewerHelp Viewer that supports special Windows Help requests.


GetHelpSystemRetrieves the Help System object.
RegisterViewerRegisters the Help Viewer to receive Help requests.