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Object Pascal

ExitProc: Pointer;        { Last installed exit procedure }


extern DELPHI_PACKAGE void *ExitProc;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
variable public
System System


Points to a program's exit procedure (provided for backward compatibility).

In Object Pascal code, ExitProc points to an exit procedure in an application. The exit procedure always gets called as part of a program's termination. ExitProc is only used when generating executable files.

An exit procedure takes no parameters and must be compiled with a far procedure directive to force it use the far call model.

Do not use ExitProc in a dynamically loaded package. This procedure is called when the process halts, not when a package or DLL is unloaded. If you set ExitProc from a package or DLL, it may interfere with the ExitProc of the host executable. Because ExitProc is not compatible with packages, you should add code to the finalization section of a unit. Inside a DLL, you can use the DLLProc variable instead.

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