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Object Pascal

procedure Delete(var S: <string or dynamic array>; Index: Integer; Count: Integer);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
procedure public System.pas System System


Removes a substring from a string, or removes elements from a dynamic array and returns the modified array.

In Object Pascal code, Delete removes a substring of Count characters from string or array S, starting with S[Index]. S is a string-type variable. Index and Count are integer-type expressions.

If Index is larger than the length of the string or array (or less than 1), no characters are deleted.

If Count specifies more characters or array fields than remain starting at Index, Delete removes the rest of the string or array. If Count is less than or equal to 0, no characters are deleted.

Dynamic Array Example

  A: array of integer;
  Delete(A,1,2); //A will become [1,4]

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