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Provides classes to use the Bluetooth capabilities of the device that is running your application to connect to applications running on remote devices.

To implement Classic Bluetooth support in your application, use the following classes:

To implement Bluetooth Low Energy support in your application, use the following classes:



System.BluetoothProvides classes to use the Bluetooth capabilities of the device that is running your application to connect to applications running on remote devices.
System.Bluetooth.ComponentsComponents to provide support for both Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy in your applications.


EBluetoothLEAdvertiseDataExceptionException for issues related to Bluetooth LE advertising.
TBluetoothAdapterRepresents a Classic Bluetooth hardware adapter.
TBluetoothCustomAdapterBase class for subclasses that represent a Bluetooth hardware adapter.
TBluetoothCustomDeviceBase class for subclasses that represent a Bluetooth-enabled remote device.
TBluetoothDeviceRepresents a remote device that supports Classic Bluetooth.
TBluetoothDeviceListList of remote devices.
TBluetoothGattCharacteristicRepresents a Bluetooth GATT Characteristic.
TBluetoothGattCharacteristicListList of characteristics.
TBluetoothGattDescriptorA GATT characteristic descriptor provides information about a characteristic.
TBluetoothGattDescriptorListList of descriptors.
TBluetoothGattDeviceListList of Bluetooth Low Energy devices.
TBluetoothGattServerGATT server that provides services for Bluetooth Low Energy devices.
TBluetoothGattServiceRepresents a Bluetooth GATT Service.
TBluetoothGattServiceListList of Bluetooth GATT Services.
TBluetoothLEAdapterRepresents a Bluetooth Low Energy hardware adapter.
TBluetoothLEAdapterListList of Bluetooth Low Energy adapters.
TBluetoothLEAdvertiseDataRepresents the data that a GATT server advertises to Bluetooth LE devices.
TBluetoothLEDeviceRepresents a remote device that supports Bluetooth Low Energy.
TBluetoothLEDeviceListList of remote devices.
TBluetoothLEManagerMain class for Bluetooth Low Energy communications.
TBluetoothLEServiceDataDictionary where keys are UUIDs of GATT services and values are data of those services to advertise.
TBluetoothManagerMain class for Classic Bluetooth communications.
TBluetoothServerSocketSocket that represents a published service and lets you listen for incoming connection requests.
TBluetoothServiceListList of Bluetooth services.
TBluetoothSocketAllows you to establish a connection to a remote device and send and receive data from the remote device.
TBluetoothUUIDHelperHelper class to work with different formats of Bluetooth UUIDs.
TBluetoothUUIDsListA list of Bluetooth UUIDs.
TScanResponseA dictionary of key-value pairs where keys are scan response keys and values are arrays of bytes.


_dt_System_Bluetooth_1Dynamic array of bytes for C++ applications.
TBluetoothAdapterStateCurrent state of an adapter.
TBluetoothConnectionStateCurrent state of an adapter.
TBluetoothDescriptorKindThe list of standard descriptors and the Unkown value.
TBluetoothDeviceStateCurrent state of a remote device.
TBluetoothGattFormatTypeType of format that an array of bytes uses.
TBluetoothGattStatusStatus at the end of a Bluetooth Low Energy operation.
TBluetoothMacAddressHardware address of a local adapter or a remote device.
TBluetoothPropertyEnumerates possible properties of characteristics.
TBluetoothPropertyFlagsRepresents a set of TBluetoothProperty enumeration values.
TBluetoothScanModeScan mode of a Classic Bluetooth adapter.
TBluetoothServiceRepresents a Bluetooth service, published by you or by a remote device.
TBluetoothTypeType or types of Bluetooth that a remote device supports.
TBluetoothUUIDUniversally unique identifier of Bluetooth services.
TConnectLEDeviceEventType of event handler for remote device connection and disconnection events.
TDiscoverableEndEventType of event handler for the TBluetoothManager.OnDiscoverableEnd event.
TDiscoverLEDeviceEventType of event handler for the TBluetoothLEManager.OnDiscoverLeDevice and the OnDiscoverLEDevice event.
TDiscoverServicesEventType of event handler for the TBluetoothLE.OnServicesDiscovered event.
TDiscoveryEndEventType of event handler for the TBluetoothManager.OnDiscoveryEnd event.
TDiscoveryLEEndEventType of event handler for the TBluetoothLEManager.OnDiscoveryEnd, and TBluetoothLE.OnEndDiscoverDevices events.
TGattCharacteristicEventType of event handler for events that occur after a read or write operation of a characteristic.
TGattCharacteristicReadEventType of event handler for the TBluetoothGattServer.OnCharacteristicRead event.
TGattCharacteristicWriteEventType of event handler for the TBluetoothGattServer.OnCharacteristicWrite event.
TGattDescriptorEventType of event handler for the TBluetoothLEDevice.OnDescriptorRead and TBluetoothLEDevice.OnDescriptorWrite events.
TGattDeviceRSSIEventType of event handler for the TBluetoothLEDevice.OnReadRSSI event.
TGattOperationResultEventType of event handler for the TBluetoothLEDevice.OnReliableWriteCompleted event.
TGattServiceEventType of event handler for the TBluetoothGattServer.OnServiceAdded event.
TIdentifyUUIDEventType of event handler for the TBluetoothManager.OnIdentifyCustomUUID event.
TScanResponseKeyThe data format of the response packet that a Bluetooth LE device sends upon discovery.