Type Hierarchy Results (C++)

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Go Up to View Menu

View > Find > C++ Type Hierarchy Results

Displays the Type Hierarchy pane. This pane is dockable and is used in conjunction with Find > Show Type Hierarchy from the Code Editor Context Menu.

Type Hierarchy Pane Options

Item Description

Remove Find Results RefactorDelete.png Del

Removes all the references for the parent node selected.

To delete a node, just select the node and click RefactorDelete.png.

You can also perform the same action with the Remove option of the context menu.

Remove All References RemoveAllRefs.png

Removes all references from the Type Hierarchy pane.

You can also perform the same action with the Remove All option of the context menu.

Type Hierarchy Context Menu

Item Description

Remove Del

Removes the selected node.

Remove All

Removes all entries.

Expand Node

Expands the content of a selected node.

Stay on Top

Allows a pane to float on top when it is undocked.


Undocks or docks a pane. All the panes are docked by default.

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