Property and event categories in the Object Inspector

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You can display and filter properties and events by category in the Object Inspector.

Filtering properties or events

To change the filter, right-click, choose View, and check or uncheck the categories that are listed on the menu. Properties associated with checked categories are visible in the Object Inspector.

Note: Legacy properties (such as Ctl3D and OldCreateOrder) are not visible, by default.

Displaying properties or events by category

To display properties by category, right-click and choose Arrange and then by Category. The categories are listed alphabetically. You can collapse or expand the categories by clicking the + or – icon, and the state is persistent until you change it.

Note: Some properties occur in multiple categories. If you change the value under one category, the value changes consistently in all places.

Displaying properties alphabetically

To redisplay properties alphabetically, right-click and choose Arrange and then by Name. The categories are no longer visible in the Object Inspector. Properties that are visible are listed alphabetically.

Component writers can create categories and assign properties to categories using the RegisterPropertyInCategory procedure. See Property Categories for details.

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