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Go Up to Project Manager

Project Manager | right-click on Project | Add to Version Control > Subversion

Performs the initial checkin of a new project into version control by Subversion. The Import Pane occupies the Code Editor window after you right-click a project in the Project Manager and select Add to Version Control > Subversion from the context menu.

Item Description

URL of repository

Enter or select the address of the root of the repository that you want to connect to on the network.

For example:

If the parent directory is under version control, this field contains the URL of the repository of the parent directory.

Files to be committed

Lists the files that will be added and committed to the repository in this import of your project.

Files not under <project directory> - These files will not be committed.

Lists files that are not in the project directory and are not part of this import into the repository.

Note: If you want to import any of the files listed in this field, you need to move the files into the directory tree that is known to Subversion. Subversion requires that all files in a given Subversion repository be located in a single directory tree. All files must have a common root directory.

Import Message

Add a log message describing the project you are importing to Subversion.

Recent Comments

Displays the most recent comments that you have entered in the Import pane or in the Commit dialog box, regardless of whether the import or commit succeeded. You can reenter a specific comment by selecting it in Recent Comments and clicking OK. The selected comment is automatically pasted into the current pane (either the Import pane or the Commit dialog box).


Adds the selected files to the repository, commits the files and adds your import message to the SVN log. Becomes enabled after you enter an Import Message on this dialog box.

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