Connection String Editor (ADO)

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Go Up to Database Dialog Boxes

Use this dialog box to specify the connection string used to connect an ADO data component to an ADO data store. You can type the connection string, build it using an ADO-supplied dialog box, or place the string in a file.

Item Description

Use Data Link File

Select or enter the name of a data link file, or click the Browse button to locate the file.

Use Connection String

Enter the connection string with the connection information in the edit box.Alternatively, click the Build button to display the Data Link Properties dialog to guide you through setting up and testing the connection.

Tip: ADO supports the following four arguments for connection strings: provider, file name, remote provider, and remote server. Any other arguments are passed on to the provider. Such parameters might include user ID, login password, the name of a default database, persistent security information, ODBC data source names, connection time-out values, and locale identifiers. These parameters and their values are specific to particular providers, servers, and ODBC drivers and not to either ADO or Object Pascal. For specific information on them, consult the documentation for the provider, server, or ODBC driver.