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Go Up to Tools Options Dialog Box

Tools > Options > Editor Options > Code Insight

Use this page to configure how Code Insight works while editing code in the Code Editor.

Note: HTML supports only the Code completion, Error insight, and Code template completion features.

Item Description

Source file type

Displays a list of programming and markup languages (Pascal, C/C++, HTML, and StyleSheet) for which you can specify Code Insight features. You can specify different Code Insight options for each language.

Use editor font

Use the same font as the Code Editor instead of the standard IDE font.

Code completion

Displays a list of properties, methods, and events when you enter a class name followed by a period in the Code Editor. You can then select an item and press Enter to add it to your code.

If this option is not checked, you can still invoke Code Completion by pressing Ctrl+Space. The default value is ON (checked).

Auto invoke

Brings up the Code Completion list while you type Object Pascal or C++ code. C++ also supports the -> for invoking Code Completion.

Auto parenthesis

Automatically adds parentheses to function calls when you invoke Code Completion.


Remembers what you have entered or selected, and places that as the first entry in the Code Completion list.

Show reserved words

Includes language keywords (for Pascal only) in the Code Completion list.

Code parameters

Displays the arguments of a method call as you enter them into your code. If this option is not checked, you can still invoke code parameters by pressing Shift+Ctrl+Space. The default value is ON (checked).

Tooltip expression evaluation

Displays the current value of a variable when you position the cursor over it. This feature is available when program execution is paused during a debugging session.

Tooltip symbol insight

Displays declaration information in a tooltip window for any identifier by passing the cursor over it in the Code Editor.

Tooltip help insight

Displays a short description in a tooltip window when you pass the cursor over a symbol in the Code Editor. The hint window (Help Insight) contains links to additional information where available.

Block completion

Enables the editor to automatically insert a block-closing symbol when you begin a block and press Enter. The default value is ON (checked).

The drop-down menu sets the behavior of block completion when you surround existing statements with block symbols, as follows:

With new line

Positions the cursor inside the block you just created.

Without new line

Positions the cursor after the block you just created.

New blocks only

Invokes block completion only if you start a new block.

Error insight

Underlines invalid code and HTML in red. Positioning the cursor over invalid text displays a tooltip window containing the probable cause of the error. The default value is ON (checked).

Code template completion

Automatically adds a code template when you type a token that starts a template and press TAB. The default value is ON (checked).

Auto complete

Invokes code template completion when you press SPACE after you begin an existing template. When this option is disabled, you must press TAB to invoke template completion after you type in the template name. The default value is ON (checked).


Enables template hints. Template hints appear when you add a template in the Code Editor and tab between the preset cursor positions in the template. The default value is OFF (unchecked).


Sets the duration of the pause before a Code Insight window displays. Select a value anywhere on a scale between None and High.

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