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Go Up to Project Menu

Project > Add to Project

Adds another source file to an already open project.

Shift+F11 is the shortcut key for Add to Project.

Item Description

Look in
(folder list)

Specifies the location where you want to locate a file or folder.

(file list}

Displays the files in the current directory that match the wildcards in File name or the file type in Files Of Type. You can display a list of files (default) or you can show details for each file.

File name

Displays a default name for the file you want to add.

File of type
(file types dropdown)

Displays the files of the specified type. Only those files in the current directory that are of the specified type appear in the Files list box.


Click Open to add the file or open a folder.

Tip: Press F1 in any list box or column to display tooltips with more information.

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