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Object Pascal

procedure EnumRegisteredActions(Proc: TEnumActionProc; Info: TEnumActionProcInfo; FrameworkType: string = '');


extern DELPHI_PACKAGE void __fastcall EnumRegisteredActions(TEnumActionProc Proc, void * Info, System::UnicodeString FrameworkType = System::UnicodeString());


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
System.Actions System.Actions


Iterates through the list of registered actions, passing them to the Proc callback function.

EnumRegisteredActions iterates the list of registered actions, passing them to the user-defined Proc callback function. To provide this functionality, EnumRegisteredActions calls the procedure stored in the EnumRegisteredActionsProc variable. The IDE should assign the proper procedure to the EnumRegisteredActionsProc variable.

EnumRegisteredActions has the following parameters:

Parameter Description

Specifies the user-defined callback function.

Belongs to the TEnumActionProc method pointer type having the following declaration:

TEnumActionProc = procedure(const Category: string;
   ActionClass: TBasicActionClass;
   Info: TEnumActionProcInfo) of object;
  • Category is the category of the action. For TContainedAction descendants, this is the Category property. For ancestor classes you can pass in an empty string.
  • ActionClass is the retrieved action object.
  • The Info parameter of the callback function is the same as the Info parameter passed to the main EnumRegisteredActions function. It allows the user to pass custom information to the callback function.

Allows the user to pass custom information to the callback function.


Defines whether an action is created for the VCL or FireMonkey (FMX) framework. The default (or '' empty string) of this parameter is VCL (for compatibility with legacy applications and for ActionEditors.vOldIDEActions).

This parameter is used to avoid situations when VCL actions are used in FireMonkey applications and inversely; this can lead to a serious increase in the application size and to execution errors, for example, calling of Windows API under MacOS.

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