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Defines printer devices, interfacing and printing-related functionality.


EPrinterThe exception class for printing errors.
EPrinterSettingsErrorThe base class for all printer settings error exceptions.
TPageSetupDialogTPageSetupDialog is a class used to display a page setup dialog.
TPrintDialogTPrintDialog represents a class used to display a print dialog.
TPrinterEncapsulates the Windows and Mac OS X standard printer interfaces.
TPrinterClassTPrinterClass defines the metaclass for TPrinter.
TPrinterDeviceImplements functionality to interface a printing device.
TPrinterSetupDialogTPrinterSetupDialog is a class used to display a printer setup dialog box.


AssignPrnAssigns a Text variable to the currently selected printer.
PrinterReturns a global instance of TPrinter to manage any interaction with the printer.
PrinterClassReturns the metaclass for TPrinter.
SetPrinterReplaces the global instance of TPrinter that manages any interaction with the printer.


TPageSetupPaintingEventProcedural type used for TPageSetupDialog events.
TPaintPageEventProcedural type used by various TPageSetupDialog events.