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Object Pascal

TInsertOption = (Selected, MoveCaret, CanUndo, UndoPairedWithPrev, Typed);


enum class DECLSPEC_DENUM TInsertOption : unsigned char { Selected, MoveCaret, CanUndo, UndoPairedWithPrev, Typed, ioSelected _DEPRECATED_ATTRIBUTE3("Use TInsertOption.Selected")  = 0, ioMoveCaret _DEPRECATED_ATTRIBUTE3("Use TInsertOption.MoveCaret")  = 1, ioCanUndo _DEPRECATED_ATTRIBUTE3("Use TInsertOption.CanUndo")  = 2, ioUndoPairedWithPrev _DEPRECATED_ATTRIBUTE3("Use TInsertOption.UndoPairedWithPrev")  = 3 };


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
enum public
FMX.Memo FMX.Memo


Represents an enumeration of insert options.

TInsertOption enumerates a number of possible insert options for a TMemo control.

The following table lists the values of TInsertOption:

Name Description
Selected Applies a selection effect for the inserted text.
MoveCaret Moves the caret at the position of the last inserted character.
CanUndo Specifies whether the delete operation can be undone.
UndoPairedWithPrev Specifies whether the current insert operation is paired with the previous one.

TInsertOption is used by the FMX.Memo.TMemo.InsertAfter method.

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