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Object Pascal

TShadowEffect = class(TFilterEffect)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TShadowEffect : public TFilterEffect


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Effects FMX.Effects


TShadowEffect is a class for creating a shadow effect for visible objects.

TShadowEffect is an implementation of TEffect. For further information, go to TEffect and FireMonkey Image Effects.

Beside the properties provided by TEffect, TShadowEffect provides five specific properties: Direction, Distance, Opacity, ShadowColor, and Softness.

For example, the following table shows the result of TShadowEffect on a .png picture (with transparent background) placed on a form (using a TImage object) and on a TRectangle object. For both objects, Direction is set to 60, Distance, to 3, Opacity, to 0,6, ShadowColor, to Black, and Softness, to 0,3.

Original TShadowEffect

FireMonkey logo NoEffects.PNG

FireMonkey logo TShadowEffect.PNG

Rectangle1 FMX NoEffect.PNG

Rectangle1 FMX TShadowEffect.PNG

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