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Defines FireMonkey 2D bitmap effects rendered in software: blur, shadow, glow, bevel, and reflection.


IEffectContainerInterface that defines an object that contains a set of effects.
TBevelEffectTBevelEffect is a class for creating an effect that adds the illusion of depth to a visible object.
TBlurEffectTBlurEffect is a class for creating an effect that blurs the texture of visible objects.
TEffectBase class for most of the FireMonkey graphic effects classes.
TEffectStyleHelperFor internal use. TEffectStyleHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.Effects.TEffectStyle type.
TFilterEffectTFilterEffect is the base class for visual effects that use shader filers.
TGlowEffectTGlowEffect is a class for creating a glow effect around a visible object.
TInnerGlowEffectTInnerGlowEffect is a class for creating an effect similar to TGlowEffect, but on the inside edge of a visible object.
TReflectionEffectTReflectionEffect is a class for creating a reflection effect below a visible object.
TShadowEffectTShadowEffect is a class for creating a shadow effect for visible objects.


BlurBlur is used to create the blur used in some effects in this unit.


_di_IEffectContainerRepresents the DelphiInterface of IEffectContainer.