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Defines classes that implement the DataSnap authentication manager, DataSnap user roles for marking server methods or server method classes for authorization purposes, and related functionality.


TDSAuthenticationManagerSubclass of TDSCustomAuthenticationManager with published properties.
TDSCustomAuthenticationManagerComponent for providing authentication and authorization checks for user connections and invocations.
TDSCustomRoleItemContains authorization information for a list of items.
TDSRoleItemExtension of TDSCustomRoleItem with additional published properties.
TDSRoleItemsContainer for TDSRoleItem instances.
TRoleAuthAttribute for marking a server method or server method class for Authorization.


TDSAuthenticationEventEvent for user authentication.
TDSAuthorizationEventEvent for user authorization.
TDSRoleComparisonPossible outcomes for comparing user roles with server method roles.