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Go Up to File Menu

File > New > Other > Object Pascal Projects > XML > XML Data Binding

File > New > Other > C++ Projects > XML > XML Data Binding

Use this wizard page to confirm the choices you have made, specify unit-wide code generation options, indicate where you want your choices saved, and tell the wizard to generate code to represent the XML document or schema.

Item Description

Generated Interfaces

Indicates what interfaces the wizard will generate. When you select an interface in this control, you can see the interface definition the wizard will generate in the Code Preview control.

Code Preview

Displays the code that the wizard will generate for the currently selected interface in the Generated Interfaces control.

Do not store settings

Generates code for the choices you have made with the wizard, but does not save the choices.

Store in XML schema

Updates the schema file with information about the choices you have made.

Store in file

Enter the name of a schema file where the wizard stores information about your choices. This schema file is independent of the XML document or the schema file you selected on the first page of the wizard. The wizard uses this file to initialize itself the next time you use it.


Displays the XML Data Binding Wizard Options dialog box. You can select various options that influence how the wizard generates code for the interfaces and implementation classes in your XML document or schema.


Exits the wizard and generates the interfaces and implementation classes for your XML document or schema.

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