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Welcome to the Android Mobile Help Wizard

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This wizard helps you prepare your development environment to build multi-device applications for Android. The wizard guides you through the Prerequisites listed below (and in the sidebar) as you configure your PC and Appmethod for Android development.


In order to build and test Android apps, you need the Android SDK and NDK. If you did not choose to install these Android development tools during the Appmethod installation, install them.

In order to test Android apps on your Android device, you additionally need to do the following:

Navigating the Mobile Help Wizard

The Mobile Help Wizard is displayed automatically when you perform a step in Android application development without having all the prerequisites in place.

  • Click the Previous and Next buttons on the lower edge of the window to navigate the pages of this wizard, or use the links in the sidebar to display different topics.
  • You can close this wizard at any time by clicking the X (Close) button on the window.
  • To open the wizard again, select Help > Help Wizards > Mobile Help Wizard.
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