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{$WARN identifier ON | OFF | ERROR | DEFAULT}


All warnings are enabled




The $WARN directive gives you fine-grained control over individual warning messages.

Syntax Effect
{$WARN identifier ON} Allows the compiler to display the warning specified by the identifier
{$WARN identifier OFF} The specified warning is not displayed
{$WARN identifier ERROR} The specified warning is treated as error
{$WARN identifier DEFAULT} Uses the default settings from the Project Options dialog box.

These warnings relate to symbols or units that use the hint directives, platform, deprecated, and library.

The identifier in the $WARN directive can have any of the following values:

The only warnings that can be turned on/off using $WARN are the ones listed above.

The warnings set by the inline $WARN directive are carried for the compilation unit in which the directive appears, after which it reverts to the previous state. The warnings set by a $WARN directive take effect from that point on in the file.

The $WARNINGS directive also controls the generation of compiler warnings.


The following $WARN directive results in warnings about all references to experimental symbols in the current module:


procedure Foo; experimental;

	Foo	// Warning: W1003 Symbol 'Foo' is experimental

If that $WARN directive were changed to:


then the compiler message would change to:

 Error: E1003 Symbol 'Foo' is experimental

and this module would not be compiled.

Another example:

  if c in ['a', 'b'] then 
    // ... 
Possible warnings: 
 ID_DEPRECATED,			//"x1000 Symbol '%s' is deprecated%s"
 ID_LIBRARY,				//"x1001 Symbol '%s' is specific to a library"
 ID_PLATFORM,				//"x1002 Symbol '%s' is specific to a platform"
 ID_EXPERIMENTAL,			//"x1003 Symbol '%s' is experimental"
 UNIT_LIBRARY,				//"x1004 Unit '%s' is specific to a library"
 UNIT_PLATFORM,			//"x1005 Unit '%s' is specific to a platform"
 UNIT_DEPRECATED,			//"x1006 Unit '%s' is deprecated"
 UNIT_EXPERIMENTAL,			//"x1007 Unit '%s' is experimental"
 HRESULT_COMPAT,			//"x1008 Integer and HRESULT interchanged"
 HIDING_MEMBER,			//"x1009 Redeclaration of '%s' hides a member in the base class"
 HIDDEN_VIRTUAL,			//"x1010 Method '%s' hides virtual method of base type '%s'"
 GARBAGE,				//"x1011 Text after final 'END.' - ignored by compiler"
 BOUNDS_ERROR,				//"x1012 Constant expression violates subrange bounds"
 ZERO_NIL_COMPAT,			//"x1013 Constant 0 converted to NIL"
 STRING_CONST_TRUNCED,			//"x1014 String constant truncated to fit STRING[%ld]"
 FOR_LOOP_VAR_VARPAR,			//"x1015 FOR-Loop variable '%s' cannot be passed as var parameter"
 TYPED_CONST_VARPAR,			//"x1016 Typed constant '%s' passed as var parameter"
 ASG_TO_TYPED_CONST,			//"x1017 Assignment to typed constant '%s'"
 CASE_LABEL_RANGE,			//"x1018 Case label outside of range of case expression"
 FOR_VARIABLE,				//"x1019 For loop control variable must be simple local variable"
 CONSTRUCTING_ABSTRACT,		//"x1020 Constructing instance of '%s' containing abstract method '%s.%s'"
 COMPARISON_FALSE,			//"x1021 Comparison always evaluates to False"
 COMPARISON_TRUE,			//"x1022 Comparison always evaluates to True"
 COMPARING_SIGNED_UNSIGNED,		//"x1023 Comparing signed and unsigned types - widened both operands"
 COMBINING_SIGNED_UNSIGNED,		//"x1024 Combining signed and unsigned types - widened both operands"
 UNSUPPORTED_CONSTRUCT,		//"x1025 Unsupported language feature: '%s'"
 FILE_OPEN,				//"x1026 File not found: '%s'"
 FILE_OPEN_UNITSRC,			//"F1027 Unit not found: '%s' or binary equivalents (%s)"
 BAD_GLOBAL_SYMBOL,			//"x1028 Bad global symbol definition: '%s' in object file '%s'"
 DUPLICATE_CTOR_DTOR,			//"x1029 Duplicate %s '%s' with identical parameters will be inacessible"
 INVALID_DIRECTIVE,			//"x1030 Invalid compiler directive: '%s'"
 PACKAGE_NO_LINK,			//"x1031 Package '%s' will not be written to disk because -J option is enabled"
 PACKAGED_THREADVAR,			//"x1032 Exported package threadvar '%s.%s' cannot be used outside of this package"
 IMPLICIT_IMPORT,			//"x1033 Unit '%s' implicitly imported into package '%s'"
 HPPEMIT_IGNORED,			//"x1034 $HPPEMIT '%s' ignored"
 NO_RETVAL,				//"x1035 Return value of function '%s' might be undefined"
 USE_BEFORE_DEF,			//"x1036 Variable '%s' might not have been initialized"
 FOR_LOOP_VAR_UNDEF,			//"x1037 FOR-Loop variable '%s' may be undefined after loop"
 UNIT_NAME_MISMATCH,			//"E1038 Unit identifier '%s' does not match file name"
 NO_CFG_FILE_FOUND,			//"x1039 No configuration files found"
 IMPLICIT_VARIANTS,			//"x1040 Implicit use of Variants unit"
 UNICODE_TO_LOCALE,			//"x1041 Error converting Unicode char to locale charset. String truncated. Is your LANG environment variable set correctly?"
 LOCALE_TO_UNICODE,			//"x1042 Error converting locale string '%s' to Unicode. String truncated. Is your LANG environment variable set correctly?"
 IMAGEBASE_MULTIPLE,			//"x1043 Imagebase $%X is not a multiple of 64k.  Rounding down to $%X"
 SUSPICIOUS_TYPECAST,			//"x1044 Suspicious typecast of %s to %s"
 PRIVATE_PROPACCESSOR,			//"x1045 Property declaration references ancestor private '%s.%s'"
 UNSAFE_TYPE, 				//"x1046 Unsafe type '%s%s%s'"
 UNSAFE_CODE,				//"x1047 Unsafe code '%s'"
 UNSAFE_CAST,				//"x1048 Unsafe typecast of '%s' to '%s'"
 OPTION_TRUNCATED,			//"x1049 value '%s' for option %s was truncated"
 WIDECHAR_REDUCED,			//"x1050 WideChar reduced to byte char in set expressions.  Consider using 'CharInSet' function in 'SysUtils' unit."
 DUPLICATES_IGNORED,			//"x1051 Duplicate symbol names in namespace.  Using '%s.%s' found in %s.  Ignoring duplicate in %s"
 UNIT_INIT_SEQ,			//"x1052 Can't find System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RunClassConstructor.  Unit initialization order will not follow uses clause order"
 LOCAL_PINVOKE,			//"x1053 Local PInvoke code has not been made because external routine '%s' in package '%s' is defined using package local types in its custom attributes" // (.Net only)
 MESSAGE_DIRECTIVE,			//"x1054 %s"
 TYPEINFO_IMPLICITLY_ADDED,		//"x1055 PUBLISHED caused RTTI ($M+) to be added to type '%s'"
 RLINK_WARNING,			//"x1056 %s%s%s"
 IMPLICIT_STRING_CAST,			//"x1057 Implicit string cast from '%s' to '%s'"
 IMPLICIT_STRING_CAST_LOSS,		//"x1058 Implicit string cast with potential data loss from '%s' to '%s'"
 EXPLICIT_STRING_CAST,			//"x1059 Explicit string cast from '%s' to '%s'"
 EXPLICIT_STRING_CAST_LOSS,		//"x1060 Explicit string cast with potential data loss from '%s' to '%s'"
 CVT_WCHAR_TO_ACHAR,			//"x1061 Narrowing given WideChar constant (#$%04X) to AnsiChar lost information"
 CVT_NARROWING_STRING_LOST,		//"x1062 Narrowing given wide string constant lost information"
 CVT_ACHAR_TO_WCHAR,			//"x1063 Widening given AnsiChar constant (#$%02X) to WideChar lost information"
 CVT_WIDENING_STRING_LOST,		//"x1064 Widening given AnsiString constant lost information"
 NON_PORTABLE_TYPECAST,		//"x1065 Typecast of %s to %s is non-portable; code may run differently on 32bit and 64bit platforms"
 LOST_EXT80_PRECISION,			//"x1066 Lost Extended floating point precision. Reduced to Double"
 LNKDFM_NOTFOUND,			//"x1067 Unable to load DLL %s"
 IMMUTABLE_STRINGS,			//"x1068 Modifying strings in place may not be supported in the future"
 MOBILE_DELPHI,			//"x1069 %s"
 UNSAFE_VOID_POINTER,			//"x1070 Use of untype pointer can disrupt instance reference counts"

 XML_WHITESPACE_NOT_ALLOWED,		//"x1201 XML comment on '%s' has badly formed XML -- 'Whitespace is not allowed at this location.'"
 XML_UNKNOWN_ENTITY,			//"x1202 XML comment on '%s' has badly formed XML -- 'Reference to undefined entity '%s'.'"
 XML_INVALID_NAME_START,		//"x1203 XML comment on '%s' has badly formed XML -- 'A name was started with an invalid character.'"
 XML_INVALID_NAME,			//"x1204 XML comment on '%s' has badly formed XML -- 'A name contained an invalid character.'"
 XML_EXPECTED_CHARACTER,		//"x1205 XML comment on '%s' has badly formed XML -- 'The character '%c' was expected.'"
 XML_CREF_NO_RESOLVE,			//"x1206 XML comment on '%s' has cref attribute '%s' that could not be resolved"
 XML_NO_PARM,				//"x1207 XML comment on '%s' has a param tag for '%s', but there is no parameter by that name"
 XML_NO_MATCHING_PARM,			//"x1208 Parameter '%s' has no matching param tag in the XML comment for '%s' (but other parameters do)"

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