Using an External Difference Viewer

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Go Up to Version Control Systems in the IDE

After you succeed in Adding a New Difference Viewer, use the external difference viewer as follows:

  1. In the IDE, open the file that you want to diff. The file should be open in the Code Editor.
  2. Open the History Manager by clicking the History tab, which is located in the center of the lower edge of the IDE main window. CodeDesignHistoryTabs.jpg
  3. On the History Manager, click the Differences tab, located in the lower part, too. HistoryTabs.bmp
  4. Select one revision in the Differences From: list and a second revision in the To: list.
  5. On the History Manager, locate the button ExternalDiffViewer.bmp (Show in external difference viewer).
    • To load the default external Difference Viewer, click the left-hand side of the button (that is, LoadExtViewer.bmp).
      (To set an external viewer as the default, select the viewer you want on the Difference Viewer dialog box and click Default. Then click External Viewer as the Preferred Difference Viewer.)
    • To display a list of the available external difference viewers, click the down-arrow DownDiffViewer.bmp on the right-hand side of the ExternalDiffViewer.bmp button. To load a specific viewer, click a viewer from the list.

If installed correctly, the external Difference Viewer loads immediately.

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