Submitting Your App to the Mac App Store

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This topic explains the steps required to submit your applications to the Mac App Store, Apple’s store for Mac OS X applications.


Before you can submit your application to the Mac App Store:

  1. Configure iTunes Connect to wait for you to upload your application package.
  2. Prepare your application for deployment. In order to meet all Mac App Store prerequisites so that they do not reject your application:
    1. On the Project > Options > Application page, make sure that you assign a 512×512 icon to your application.
    2. On the Project > Options > Version Info page, make sure that CFBundleIdentifier is the second part of your app ID, the bundle ID, which you can obtain from the iTunes Connect application entry that you previously configured. For example: com.mycompany.myapp.
  3. Build a sandboxed application package that you can upload to the store.

Submitting Your Application

  1. Using either Xcode or the Mac Application Loader, submit your application archive (.pkg) to the Mac App Store (see URL below).
  2. Manage your app in the Mac App Store by using iTunes Connect.

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