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On the Search > Find in Files dialog box, you can search through a directory, a list of directories, or a directory group.

You can enter a list of directories in this dialog box in either of two ways:

  • In the Directories field, type the directory names, and separate the names with a semicolon (;). This method is slow and error-prone.
  • Click FoldersAndGroups.bmp (Folders and Groups) and use the Select Directories dialog box to construct the list of directories. This method is described more fully in the second procedure below.

To enter your search parameters and execute the search

  1. Choose Search > Find in Files.
  2. Enter your search string in the Text to find field.
  3. Enable any options required for your search, such as Case sensitive, Whole words only, and Regular expressions.
  4. Specify where the search is to occur. To search a list of directories, enable the Search in directories radio button.
  5. Enter a file mask. To search all files, use *.* as the file mask.
  6. In the Directories field, specify your directory list (use the following procedure).
  7. Enable Include subdirectories if you want to search more than just the top level files.
  8. Specify Output options.
  9. Click OK.

To specify a directory list to search

Note: On the Find in Files dialog box, you must enable the Search in directories radio button in order to enable the File mask field and the Directories field with its associated buttons.

  1. On the Find in Files dialog box, click FoldersAndGroups.bmp (Folders and groups).
  2. On the Select Directories dialog box, enter directory names by doing either of the following:
    • Type directory names in the Directories to search field (do not enter a semicolon (;) separator; the separators are added when you click OK).
    • Click BrowseForFolder.bmp (Browse for folder), navigate to and select a folder, and click OK. Your selection is added to the Directories to search field.
  3. After adding all the directories you want on the Select Directories dialog box, click OK.
  4. The Find in Files dialog box reappears, with your semicolon-separated directory list in the Directories field.

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