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Search > Search for Usages | there must be a project open

Code editor | right-click on the element | Search for Usages

Object Pascal Class Explorer | right-click on the member in the Member List pane | Search for Usages

Search for Usages provides a flexible tool to find usages of classes, methods, variables, and overriding methods, derived classes and implemented interfaces in Object Pascal source code projects.

Option Description

Element to search for:

Shows the selected element.

Usages of the Element

Find references to the selected element.

Usages of Members

Find references to members of the selected element.


Find references to implementing classes (members).

Derived Classes
Usages of Declared Classes
Full Inheritance Depth

Find references to derived classes (or interfaces, if the case). If you have selected a class, then this dialog box shows Derived Classes. If you have selected a namespace, then this dialog box shows Usages of Declared Classes.


Find references to members that overload the selected one.

Include Uses

Find references in uses statements.

Skip self

Do not show references that are contained inside the selected element.


Defines whether to search in the Current File, in the Current Project, or in the Entire Project Group.

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