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Use this dialog box to search for various kinds of elements (such as classes or interfaces) or a type library (when using the Type Library Explorer).

Item Description

Text to find

The text string to search for in the assembly or type library.

Type to find

A drop-down list containing the types of elements you can search for. These are: Class, Interface, Method, Property, Field, and Event. If no element type is specified, all elements matching the search string will be returned.

Case sensitive

If checked, elements matching the search string must also match case. If unchecked, all elements matching the search string will be returned, regardless of case.


Click to begin the search.

Items matching the search criteria are displayed in a table in the Search dialog. Items in the table are clickable links; clicking on an item will cause that item to be selected in the left-hand pane of the explorer view.

Tip: The Search dialog is modeless, so you can leave it open and continue working with the main explorer window.