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A set of tested application samples is installed with each version of Appmethod.
There are samples for FireMonkey and FireMonkeyMobile, VCL, Object Pascal, Appmethod C++, database, DataSnap, LiveBindings, FireDAC and others.

Finding the Application Samples

To open the directory of application samples that ship with the product, do any one of the following:

  • Go to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\17.0\Samples.
  • In the IDE, on the Welcome Page, select Projects > Open Sample Project.
  • Navigate from the Start button, depending on your operating system, as follows:
    • On Windows 7, select Start | Programs | Embarcadero Appmethod 1.17 | Samples and then navigate to the required sample project.
    • On the Windows 8 tiles screen, click the Search charm, enter "samples" in the Search field, and press Return. Then click the Samples folder in the results.
      Tip for Windows 8: Even easier, just type "samples" (or simply "sam") and press Return when the Windows 8 tiles window is displayed.
      (To display the tiles window, press the Windows key on the keyboard.)

Source Code for Application Samples

Source code for the samples is checked into a Subversion repository on SourceForge at:

For example, source code for the FireMonkey ControlsDemo is on SourceForge at:

Help for Application Samples

Help topics that give detailed descriptions of individual samples are available here: