Rename <symbol name> (Object Pascal)

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Go Up to Refactor Menu

Refactor > Rename Shift+Ctrl+E

Use the Refactor > Rename identifierType 'identifierName' dialog box to perform rename refactoring on an identifier, such as a variable, type, field, method, parameter, and others currently selected in the Code Editor. In Object Pascal, you can rename identifiers used with generics.

The first field in the dialog varies based on the type of the identifier you are renaming.

Item Description


Displayed when renaming a type. Indicates the unit in which the type is defined.


Displayed when renaming a variable. Indicates the procedure in which the variable is selected.


Displayed when renaming a field, method, or parameter. Indicates the class in which the field, method, or parameter is defined.

Old name

The current name of the selected symbol.

New name

Enter the new name for the selected symbol.

View references before refactoring

Displays the Refactorings pane, enabling you to preview the proposed changes and selectively rename the symbol. If this option is unchecked, the rename refactoring is performed immediately.

Tip: The Refactor > Rename identifierType 'identifierName' command is also available from the Code Editor context menu.

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