Pushing Your Changes to the Remote Repository

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Go Up to Git Integration in the IDE

Push your changes to the remote repository, updating the remote branch of the repository with your local changes.

To push an entire directory or a project, do the following:

  1. In the Project Manager, right-click the folder or the project that you want to push.
  2. In the context menu, select Git > Push.
  3. Under the Push command in the context menu, select one of the following subcommands:
    • From Repository Root searches up the directory tree to find the last directory managed by the same repository as the project file.
    • From Project Directory adds to the commit pane all the files in the project directory and below.
  4. Enter the credentials of the remote repository in the Git Login prompt. You can save these authentication credentials.
  5. Click the OK button.
  6. The version control system displays results in the Messages View of the Git Tab.

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