Provisioning a Mac OS X Application

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Apple requires you to code sign your Mac OS X applications in order to submit them to the Mac App Store.


Before you can code sign your application you must be part of the Apple Developer Program. Join the Apple Developer Program if you have not joined the program yet.

Obtaining Your Certificates

To code sign your application specific certificates are required. Use Xcode on the Mac or the Mac App Developer Certificate Utility to obtain the following certificates:

  • A 3rd Party Mac Developer Application certificate
  • A 3rd Party Mac Developer Installer certificate

After you download your certificates, double-click the downloaded .cer files to install them onto your Keychain.

Configuring Your Signing Data on Appmethod

With your application open in Appmethod, select Project > Options > Provisioning. Here you must enter your Mac App distribution and Mac Installer certificates for the Application Store Mac OS X platform configuration.

Note: You can configure your default signing data from Tools > Options > Environment Options > Provisioning. If you do not configure your signing data for your new project, Appmethod uses the default signing data instead.

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