Project Options Dialog Box

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Go Up to Project Menu

Project > Options
Right-click a project entry on the Project Manager | Options

The pages of the Project Options dialog box enable you to verify and set project-specific options.

An option value is in boldface if the value differs from the value in the parent configuration. To revert to the value of the parent configuration, right-click the option text and select Revert on the context menu. If you change option values, you can save your set of changes in a new configuration or a named option set. You can switch to another configuration or load an option set into the active configuration.

Target options (that is, the platform and build configuration, and the Apply and Save buttons) are located at the top of compiler-related options pages. See also Common Items on Project Options Pages.

The Default option is a general option that appears on nearly every page in the Project Options dialog box. Clicking Default saves the current settings on the page as the default for each new project.

Tree of Option Categories

In the tree of option categories in the left pane, click an item to display its associated page.

The following list shows all the nodes of the tree of option categories. Some option categories are only available for certain programming languages or project types.

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