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Preparing a Mac OS X Application for Deployment

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You must configure several project options for your Mac OS X application before you build your application for distribution, be it for self-distribution or for submission to the Mac App Store.

The properties that you configure are bundled with your application, usually in the form of .plist files. Because these properties provide key information about your application, you should ensure that they contain the right values before you deploy your application, or you might have to rebuild your application in order to change the configured values (for example, if you sandbox your application).

To configure your Mac OS X application, select Project > Options:

  • On the Application page, provide the icons and images to represent your application.
  • On the Entitlement List page, assign the entitlements (system access rights) that you want for your application.
  • On the Version Info page, define the Info.plist keys of your Mac OS X application. For example:
    • CFBundleIdentifier is a unique identifier for your application. For example: com.mycompany.myapp.
    • CFBundleVersion is the version of your application. For example: 1.0.0.

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