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The following topic lists the Appmethod compiler directives.


Compiler Directives

Object Pascal Compiler Directive Associated Symbol

Align fields (Object Pascal)


Application type (Object Pascal)


Assert directives (Object Pascal)


Boolean short-circuit evaluation (Object Pascal compiler directive)


Code align (Object Pascal)


Conditional compilation (Object Pascal)

{$IFDEF}, {$IFNDEF}, {$IF}, {$ELSEIF}, {$ELSE}, {$ENDIF}, {$IFEND}

Debug information (Object Pascal)


DEFINE directive (Object Pascal)


DENYPACKAGEUNIT directive (Object Pascal)


Description (Object Pascal)


DESIGNONLY directive (Object Pascal)


ELSE (Object Pascal)


ELSEIF (Object Pascal)


ENDIF directive (Object Pascal)


Executable extension (Object Pascal)


Export symbols (Object Pascal)


Extended syntax (Object Pascal)


Extended type compatibility (Object Pascal)


External Symbols (Object Pascal)

{$EXTERNALSYM [ 'typeNameInHpp' [ 'typeNameInHppUnion' ]]}

Floating point precision control (Object Pascal for x64)


HIGHCHARUNICODE directive (Object Pascal)


Hints (Object Pascal)


HPP emit (Object Pascal)


IFDEF directive (Object Pascal)


IF directive (Object Pascal)


IFEND directive (Object Pascal)


IFNDEF directive (Object Pascal)


IFOPT directive (Object Pascal)


Image base address


Implicit Build (Object Pascal)


Imported data


Include file (Object Pascal)


Input output checking (Object Pascal)


Compiler directives for libraries or shared objects (Object Pascal)


Legacy IFEND (Object Pascal)


Link object file (Object Pascal)

{$L file},{$LINK file}

Local symbol information (Object Pascal)


Long strings (Object Pascal)


Memory allocation sizes (Object Pascal)


MESSAGE directive (Object Pascal)


METHODINFO directive (Object Pascal)


Minimum enumeration size (Object Pascal)


NODEFINE directive (Object Pascal)

{$NODEFINE [ 'typeNameInHpp' [ 'typeNameInHppUnion' ]]}

NOINCLUDE (Object Pascal)


OBJTYPENAME directive (Object Pascal)

{$OBJTYPENAME typeIdent ['{B|N}typeNameInObj']}

Old type layout (Object Pascal)


Open String Parameters (Object Pascal)


Optimization (Object Pascal)


Overflow checking (Object Pascal)


PE (portable executable) header flags (Object Pascal)


Pentium-safe FDIV operations (Object Pascal)


Pointer Math (Object Pascal)


Range checking


Real48 compatibility (Object Pascal)




Reserved address space for resources (Object Pascal, Linux)


Resource file (Object Pascal)


RTTI directive (Object Pascal)


RUNONLY directive (Object Pascal)


Run-Time Type Information (Object Pascal)


Scoped Enums (Object Pascal)


Stack frames (Object Pascal)


Strong link types (Object Pascal)


Symbol declaration and cross-reference information (Object Pascal)


Type-checked pointers (Object Pascal)


UNDEF directive (Object Pascal)


Var-string checking (Object Pascal)


Warning messages (Object Pascal)


Warnings (Object Pascal)


Weak packaging


WEAKLINKRTTI directive (Object Pascal)


Writeable typed constants (Object Pascal)


Zero-based strings (Object Pascal)


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