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Go Up to Refactor Menu

Refactoring > Move

The Move dialog opens when you choose the Move command from the Refactoring menu, or by using the Refactoring > Move command on the context menu of static methods, static fields, and static properties (collectively, static members).

Note: This feature is available for implementation projects only.

Move Members

This field displays the list of selected static members. You can move more than one static member at a time. Deselect/select the static members by clearing/checking the check box next to the name of a member.

To (namespace fully qualified name)

Use this field to select a class where the static member or members will reside. You must enter a fully-qualified name for the class or click the browse button to select one.

Preview Usages

By default, Preview Usages is checked. If this option is checked when you click OK, the Refactoring window opens allowing you to review the refactoring before committing to it. If this option is cleared when you click OK, the Refactoring window opens and the move is completed.



Opens the Refactoring window.


Discards all changes and closes the dialog box.

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